Requires a WebGL 2.0 compatible browser like Chrome. 

Click in the game window and then use WASD to move and mouse to look.

Hi! This is kind of just a room full of stuff, don't expect a gamelike experience, ok?

I took a summer 3d model and render course, with zero 3d modeling experience other than uh.... sketchup? It turned out to be a super compressed 3D Studio Max class! WOOF. At the end of the class we had to build a spooky Dracula castle thing out of the objects we made. Here's my sort of "Flesh For Frankenstein" inspired result. It's ok to not be good at things at first! The textures were mostly made in Photoshop except for the books (kinda too small to see), which were Substance Painter experiments (In the last week of class the teacher said, "oh by the way, this is substance painter" and well... I kind of wish they had taught us that. I'll probably try and find some maya/substance painter instruction somewhere if I decided to learn more 3d stuff ). This was fun even if it looks like some kind of clunky early 00's American McGee-ass-sh*t. I got to make a big painting of Udo Kier, so I'm good. 

I stole the music from Flesh For Frankenstein, listen,  this is a non-commercial school project.

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